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Personal Injury Lawyer Ted Coenen

With over 25 years of experience in personal injury, workers’ comp, and social security cases, Attorney Theodore J. Coenen, IV, has worked to assist injured people in northeast Louisiana since 1996.

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Trusted by our clients in Louisiana since 1996

Mr. Coenen is a great attorney! I highly recommend Coenen Law Firm! Mrs. Barbara is so nice and caring and Mr. Coenen will not rush you out the door he is always available and willing to talk to you. If you need legal advice go see Mr. Coenen!!

Melissa Palmer
Customer Review

Ms b, and mr coenen is so understanding, helpful, down to earth, and most of all is honest. They really show you they care, unlike other lawyer that just want alot of money from you!

Kelsey Belle
Customer Review

I was very pleased with the service that councilor Coenen provided. He was extremely helpful with my case. Thanks 😊

Paul Spence
Customer Review

He is honest about your case upfront and fights for his clients. He's very professional, honest, down to earth and kind. I would recommend him to anyone who needs am attorney. He's also reasonable on the cost. Actually lower than the big named ssi/ssd attorneys.

Tracy Nolan
Customer Review

Mr Coenen and his staff were so helpful and understanding to my situation. His Law Firm is the best. If you need someone to Represent you with your SSI/Disability case just give them a call. Thank You Mr Coenen.

Julie Harr
Customer Review

Mr. Ted & his Assistant Barbara was very very helpful during my case. Mr. Coenen was very well prepared where I did not have to worry about anything. Ted & Barbara explained everything very well to my understanding. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND his services if you are in need.

James Dixon
Customer Review

I'm very pleased with the outcome of my case, at one point I was feeling like quitting but he told me to just hang in it's all going to work out and it did I would give him and his team 💯.Thanks again, Mr. Theodore.

Paula Bishop
Customer Review

Great professional law firm. Excellent counsel and good advice. Keeps clients informed through out your legal journey.

Brenda Meadors
Customer Review

I had been fighting for my disability for years on my own I finally used this lawfirm and within a few months I was approved. Thank you for your help very professional and thorough.

Laressa Chapman
Customer Review

Ted was very nice and his staff were very good at their job they always make you feel welcome and they care about all parts of your life there the people person so if you need a lawyer I recommend their office

Taresia Kenly
Customer Review

Attorney Coenen has been super helpful with my case and I would recommend him to anyone thanks so much I am eternally grateful!

Donna Cooper
Customer Review

Ted was a huge help to our family when my brother-in-law passed away. He is compassionate, dedicated and understanding.

DB Mag
Customer Review

Mr. Coenen's office has been more than helpful. I am extremely satisfied with the way they have treated and represented me.

Thomas Duchesne
Customer Review

Thank you Attorney Coenen an Mrs. Barbara for your help. We need it. Will tell others about your firm. Thanks do much.

Demetria Hayes
Customer Review

He got right on my case and had a timely decision. I recommend them to my friends and family.

Rod riedel
Customer Review

Appears extremely concerned about the well being of their clients.

Allan Matthews
Customer Review

I called them after hearing very good things from a friend, and have nothing but great things to say about this firm as well!!! The convenience and efficiency provided were to me unprecedented, and all for a reasonable fee!!! I would not hesitate to refer a friend or family member to them!!!!

Larry Nesbitt
Customer Review

I found Mr. Coenen and his assistant Barbara to be very knowledgeable In this matter. I would recommend them to others. Thank you for your help.

Gail Cox
Customer Review

Mr. Coenen and Barbara were always available for any questions or concerns I had and always quick to respond. Very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend Mr. Coenen’s law office for any legal matter. Mr Coenen and Barbara were very easy to talk with and made me feel comfortable. My case was a long process, but they never gave up, continued to be very positive about my case. I couldn’t have asked for a better law office to handle my case. If I ever have another legal matter I will happily use this law firm

Candie Sanders
Customer Review

Very helpful and quick to respond to my calls. Friendly service. They took care of my business and I didn’t have to worry about it. Would definitely recommend them.

Sheryl Bearden
Customer Review

Hiring the Ceonen law firm was the best move I made, they were very efficient in handling my case from start to finish. Thank you Mr. Ceonen and staff

Ralph Campbell
Customer Review

Very knowledgeable and timely! They know exactly what to do so that your case doesn't drag out for a long period of time. Very pleased with my results!

Kenneth Mcmurray
Customer Review

I would recommend the Coenen law firm they are the nicest people I’ve ever met and stuck by me so if you need help They are the best thank y’all So much

Vickie Bartmess
Customer Review

Mr. Coenen and staff were always professional, very warm and welcoming atmosphere, and were always accessible to answer questions and concerns. Thanks for making these trying times bearable and this journey worry-free!!

Cassandra Johnson
Customer Review

I came to Theodore Coenen office after getting hurt on the job and he really looked out for me, doing what was right and advising me on what to do, well guess what it's all over now and I walked away with a smile on my face.

Mary Jenkins
Customer Review

I would like to thank Mr. Coenen Law Firm for helping me with my case. I would highly recommend him. He was very professional and Mrs. Barbara was very pleasant to speak with and answered my questions when needed.

Michael Cordova
Customer Review

They were my social security lawyer I would recommend them wholeheartedly

Millissa Hardwick
Customer Review

This man is purely amazing. My disability hearing got expedited suddenly. Previously couldn't get an attorney bc they needed a court date first. He had two *weeks* to throw together my first disability appeal. Thanks to him, it was my only appeal and I was able to get Medicare as part of my disability, something I very greatly needed. Absolutely an amazing disability attorney. Not sure if he practices other forms of law, but I am sure he'd bring the same energy and dedication to those avenues if he does. I'd give them ten stars if I could.

David Henry
Customer Review

After being denied for disability several times I decided to call Mr. Ted Coenen, that phone call forever changed my life because of Mr Ted and Ms. Barbara. Thank y’all!!! A battle I thought I would never win, they helped me!! I HIGHLY recommend that if you are seeking help with disability please call mr Ted and Ms. Barbara. I’m 31 years old with an invisible illness that has stolen my life and he beat it!!!! THANK YOU

Heather Brown
Customer Review

Very please with Mr. Coenen and Barbara. Worked very hard for me on my disability case Godspeed.

Linda S
Customer Review

Just the way it makes you feel knowing that you're loved ones are taken care of is a humbling experience. Professional all the way

Timmy Rice
Customer Review

Mr. Ted is a very empathetic and caring attorney that gets the job done. Thank you, Mr. Ted!

Pattrecia Darbonne
Customer Review
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